RV Manufacturers in North America 北米のキャンピングカーメーカー


北米キャンピングカーメーカー 一覧
Updated June 9, 2019 (随時更新中)

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s-RV Brands
Big Four (Thor, Forest River, Winnebago and REV Group) in the US

ADAK Trailers (2014-2016 Exited)
 Expedition Trailers (realworldsurvivor.com)
Adirondack RV (1920’s-2009 acquired by Dutchmen/Thor)
 Travel Trailers (RVUSA.com 2005 PDF)
 2004-2008年 Dutchmenの1ブランドになったが、その後に消滅
Advanced RV
 Class B Vans
Adventure Trailers (since 2002, Prescott, AZ) facebook
 Expeditions, Parts
Aero Coach (2001 acquired by Dutchmen Mfg)
 Travel Trailers
 Makers of Aerolite Cub and Aerolite Travel Trailers 
 2015年よりDutchmenの1ブランド Aerolite
Aero Cruiser (1988-1991, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Aero Line (1945-1949 TinCan Wiki)
 Travel Trailers
Aero Teardrops (since 2016, Tigard, OR) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, Parts
Airstream (1980 a subsidiary of Thor Industries)
 Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, #Expedition Travel Trailer
 エアストリームジャパン社が輸入 ケイワークス社でも購入可能
 Class B Interstateは、トレーラーハウスデベロップメント社が輸入
 Argosy Class As (1974-1978, TinCan WikiViewRVs)
Alaskan Campers (since 1958, Winlock, WA) facebook
 Pickup Campers
Aliner (since 1982, formerly Columbia Northwest, Mt. Pleasant, PA)
 Lightweight Folding Trailers RVランド社が輸入
 RVUSA.com Aliner RV Unit Spec Results
Allied Specialty Vehicles (2010-, Former REV Group since 2015)
 Fleetwood RV, Monaco, Holiday Rambler, R-Vision, Beaver and Safari
ALP Adventurer MFG Limited Partnership (since 1969, Yakima, WA)
 Pickup Campers
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pickup Campers
American Coach (acquired by Fleetwood, a subsidiary of REV Group)
 Class A, B Motorhome
 RVUSA.com American Coach RV Unit Spec Results
Americana RV
 Factory ordered 5th Wheels
American Custom Vehicles
 Custom Vans based on the MB Sprinter
American Dream Trailer (since 2011, Reproduction of Trailorboats)
 Travel Trailer with the boat on top
 (tincantourists.com 1960-1963 Trailorboat reunion)
 代替サイト web.archive.org (americandreamtrailers.comは削除?)
American Fastbacks (2018 acquired by Hymer NA) facebook
 Expedition Jeep Wrangler Conversion
 americanfastbacks.comは削除された (Google Maps)
American Safari JXL (built by Red River Rigs) facebook
 #Expedition Jeep Wrangler JL Conversion
American Teardrop (since 2010, Auburn, CA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Anderson Trailers (since 1989)
 Utility Trailers
Armadillo Trailers (Canada, since 2014)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers
ATC Recreational Vehicle
 Motorhomes, Travel Trailers
ATC Trailers (since 2001, Nappanee, IN) ATC Trailers
 5th Wheels, Toy Haulers, Car/Motorcycle/Cargo Trailers
ATW USA All Terrain Warriors (HQ in Australia) facebook
 Expeditions (FYI expeditionportal.com)
Avion Coach Corporation (1955-1976 acquired by Fleetwood Enterprises)
 Travel Trailers, Truck Campers (TinCan wiki)
 Class As (1975, ViewRVs)
Avion (a division of The RV Factory)
 Class B Vans
Award Travel Trailer Youtube
 Travel Trailers
 awardrv.comは削除された (FYI)

Backcountry Box (since 2016) facebook
 Utility Camper Trailers
Bahn Camper Works (since 2016) facebook
Barth Motorhome (Ceased production 1998, TinCan WikiPDF)
 Class A Motorhomes
Bean Trailer (since 2017)
 #Expedition Teardrop Trailers
Beaver Motor Coaches (1993 acquired by Safari, acquired by Monaco)
 Monterey, Santiam, Patriot, Marquis enWiki
Bigfoot RV (since 1980s, BC, Canada)
 Truck Campers, Fiberglass Travel Trailers
Big Tex Trailers
 Utility Trailers
Big Woody Campers (since 2005, Elk Mound, WI) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Bison Coach (2013 acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels
Black Series Camper (since 2018 from Australia) facebook
 Expedition Camper Trailers, Travel Trailers
Blue Bird Wanderlodge (Ceased production around 2009)
 Class A Motorhome (enWiki)
Blue Ridge Expedition Trailers (since 2016, Lewisville, NC) facebook
 #Expedition Teardrop Trailers
Borderland Trailers (brand: Mobilight International)
 Expedition Trailers
Bowlus-Teller Mfg (1934-1936 TinCan Wiki )
 former Curtis Wright and Silver Streak Trailer
 Aluminum Travel Trailers
 (Silver Streak Trailer は復活するか?)
Bowlus Road Chief (demise in 1936, revival in 2013)
 Aluminum Travel Trailers
Bravo Trailers (since 2011, Bristol, IN) facebook
 Utility Travel Trailers
Braxton Creek (since 2017) facebook
 Travel Trailers, Teardrop Trailer
Breckenridge (2003 acquired by Thor Industries, )
 Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, Campers, Park Trailers
Bunkhouse Camper Trailers/a> (-2009 Former B&F Specialties)
 Pop-up campers, motorcycle camper trailers
Burro Travel Trailers (1978-1986, 1998-2001 Tincan Wiki)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers (Website remained accessible until May 2013)
B&L Enterprises
 Travel Trailers

Cabana (1969-1978, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
CAMI (Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International)
 Amphibious Motorhomes
Camp-Inn (since 2002, Necedah, WI) facebook
 Aluminum Teardrop Trailer
Canyon Country Teardrops (Phoenix, AZ, made by So-Cal Teardrops)
 Teardrops Trailers
Carado Camper Vans (2016 acquired by Hymer NA, Ontario, Canada)
 Class B Vans
Caravan Outfitter (since 2017, Edmonds, WA) facebook
 Camper Vans based on the Nissan NV200 (newatlas.com)
Car-Go Trailers (since 1987, Terrebonne, Canada) facebook
 (fomerly Bi-County Service Center)
 Teardrop Trailers
Cascade Campers (1989-1994, ?)
 Truck Campers (nadaguides.com)
Cascade Campers (since 2017, Grass Valley, CA) facebook
 Camper Conversions
Cascade Custom Coach (since 2015, Sultan, WA) facebook
 Custom RVs
Casita Enterprises
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers カーショップスリーセブン社が輸入
Casual Turtle Campers (2013-2018)
 Travel Trailers, Truck Campers
Chalet RV
 Lightweight Folding Trailers
Champion (1986-1995, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Chariot RV (Denver, PA)
CH Camper Company (2015-2017, Chickamauga, GA)
 Retro Canned Ham Travel Trailers
Chinook RV (since 1938, demise in 2005, Rose Mair, OR)
 (2013 acquired by Phil Rizzio and restarts, TinCan Wiki, West Elkhart, IN)
 Class B Vans, Camping Toy Hauler
5 MARS RV (Cinq-Mars, since 2014, Joliette, Canada)
 Class B Vans, Passenger Car Conversions with Pop-up Roof
Clark Cortez (1963-1979, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Cliffride (2018 acquired by Hymer NA)
 Jeep Wrangler Conversion
 代替サイト facebook.com/pg/cliffride
Coach House
 B, C+ Motorhomes
Coachmen RV (since 1964, 2008 acquired by Forest River)
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Folding Trailers
Coleman Camping Trailers (2010 acquired by Dutchman)
 Travel Trailers
Colorado Backcountry Trailer (since 2017, Loveland, CO) facebook
 Camper Trailers (newatlas.com)
Colorado Teardrops
 Expedition Teardrop Trailers
Combo Camper (since 2013)
 Ice/Fish House Conversion Kits
Compact Camping Concepts (since 2010, Salem, OR) facebook
 Camper Trailers
Conqueror North America
 Expedition Trailers
Continental Cargo facebook
 Cargo Trailers
Contravans (since 2018, Denver, CO) facebook
 Campervans (newatlas.com), Camper Conversions (newatlas.com)
Cowboy Cadillac (Gallatin, TN)
 Custom truck conversions and Toterhome
Country Coach (2015 acquired by Winnebago)
 (1996 acquired by National R.V. oregonencyclopedia.org)
 Class A Motorhomes
 RVUSA.com Country Coach RV Unit Spec Results
Cozy Cruisers (since 1960s, Eugene, Oregon) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
CrossRoads RV (DS Corporation, 2004 acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, House Trailer
 代替サイト web.archive.org
Cruiser RV (2015 acquired by Thor Industries) facebook
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
CRUX Expedition Trailer (since 2018) facebook
 Expedition Camper Trailers
Curtis Wright (1946-1949, TinCan Wiki)
 Formerly Bowlus-Teller Mfg, Former Silver Streak Trailer
 Travel Trailers
 (Silver Streak Trailer は復活するか?)
Custom Coach (a subsidiary of Farber Specialty Vehicles)
Custom Vehicles
 Class B Vans

Damon Motor Coach (2003 acquired by Thor Industries)
Dinoot Trailer
 Expedition Small Trailers
DLM-Distribution Campervan Conversions
 Class B Vans
Dodgen Industries
 Makers of Born Free Motorhomes
Dolphin Motor Coach (formarly Grand Coach since 2017)
 Class B Vans (National Traveller product line acquired by Regency RV)
Drifter Trailers (since 2017) facebook
 #Expedition Travel Trailers
Droplet (since 2018, Langley, BC, Canada) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
DRV Luxury Suites (formarly DoubleTree RV acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Dub Box USA (since 2012, Aurora, OR) Facebook
 Travel Trailers (for VW Bus)
Dunraven Campers (since 2019, Boulder, CO) facebook
 Travel Trailers
Dutchman (1991 acquired, 2013 a subsidiary of Thor)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
Dynamax Corporation (since 1997, 2011 acquired by Forest River, Elkhart, IN)
 Motorhomes, Toterhomes
Dynamo TCX (since 2018, Palm City, Florida) facebook
 (division of Silver Streak Trailer Co.)
 Wood-Free, All Aluminum Truck Camper (roamingtimes.com)

 Expedition (Ford F series based RV)
Earth Traveler Teardrop Trailer (since 2017)
  Lightweight trailer
East to West (since 2018) facebook
 Travel Trailers
Eclipse RV (since 2003) facebook
 5th Wheels, Toy Hauler
Ecodesigns (2016-2018, Hampstead, NH)
 Teardrop Trailers
Econoline Trailers (2013-2015)
 Class B Vans
Eggcamper (since 2006, Grandville, MI)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers
Emerald Luxury Coaches (Stephenville, TX) Emerald Luxury Coaches
 Motorhomes based on the Prevost motorcoach
Entegra Coach (2009 acquired by Jayco, 2016 acquired by Thor)
 Class A & C Motorhomes
Equine Motorcoach (Clarksville, IN, Origine: UK)
 All-in-one RV and horse transporter
Equipt 1 (since 2006, Salt Lake City, UT) facebook
 Expedition Campers, Parts (Eezi-Awn Rooftop Tents & Awnings)
Erwin Hymer Group North American (2019/2 acquired by Thor Industries)
 Class B Vans (Fomer Roadtrek)
Escapade Campers (since 2014, Dassel MN) Facebook
 #Expedition Teardrop Trailers
EscapePod Trailers GeistWerks (since 2012 New London, MN) Facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Escape Trailer Industries (since 2001, Chilliwack, BC, Canada)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels
Escapod (since 2016, Coalville, UT) Facebook
 #Expeditio Teardrop Trailer
Ethos Off Road Trailers
 Expedition Trailers
etrailer (since 1946, Wentzville, MO) facebook
Eureka Campers (2016-2019, Columbia, TN)
 Travel Trailers
EverGreen RV (2009-2016 Exited)
 Motorhomes, Travel Trailers
Evolve Scott Trailers Mfg (since 2016, Aldergrove, BC, Canada) facebook
 Teardrop Trailer with 100-watt solar panel attached (newatlas.com)
Exiss Aluminum Trailers
 Aluminum Trailers
Expedition Supply (since 2018) facebook
 #Expedition Trailers, Parts
Extreme Teardrops (since 2010, Clovis, CA) facebook
 (formerly Kodiak Adventure Products)
 Expedition Teardrop Trailers
EZ Life Campers (since 2015, Panama City, FL) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
 Closed by The damage from Hurricane Michael in 2018
 代替サイト web.archive.org

Featherlite Coaches
 Prevost conversion motorhome
Featherlite Manufacturing
 Motorhomes, Trailers
Fleetwood RV (bankrupt in 2009, a subsidiary of REV Group)
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Folding Trailers, Pickup Campers
 (Heartland acquired all the travel trailer trademarks and brands from FW)
FMC (1973-1976, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Foremost (Lloydminster, Canada) facebook
 Expedition Bus
Forest River (2005 acquired by Berkshire HathawayWarren Buffett)
 (since 1997, formerly Continental Cargo, enWiki)
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Folding Trailers
(Own Brand + 6 Brands)
Coachmen, Dynamax, Palomino, Prime Time, Shasta, Viking
Forest River Brands
 Motorhomes (1990 Grand Villa, ViewRVs)
Forks RV (2017 Exited)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Four Wheel Campers (since 1972, Woodland, CA) facebook
 (former Rocky Mountain Four Wheel Campers in Evergreen, CO)
 Expeditions, Slide-in Pop-up Truck Campers 
Four Winds International (1992 acquired by Thor Industries
 Concept RVs

GeistWerks (since 2012 New London, MN) Facebook
 see EscapePod
Georgie Boy (1973, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Garage RVs (2016 acquired by Thor Industries)
 Outlaw Toy Haulers is one of Thor Brands
Gateway Teardrop (since 2015, Gateway, AR) blogspot facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
General Coach Canada (1982 acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Park Models
Genesis Supreme RV (since 2013) facebook
 Toy Haulers
GMC motorhome (1973-1978, TinCan WikiViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes (FWD)
Glastron (1967-1970, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Glen-L RV (since 1953, Bellflower, CA) facebook
 Bespoke RVs (main business is boat building)
Global Expedition Vehicles
Gnome Homes (since 2016, Sherwood Park, AB, Canada) facebook
 Teardrop Trailer
Go Fast Campers (since 2017, Belgrade, MT) facebook
 #Expedition Camper, Rooftop Tents
Gooseneck Trailer Mfg (since 1962) facebook
 Various Trailers
Goshen Coach (2005 acquired by Thor Industries)
 Mid-sized Bus
Grumman (1972-1983 TinCan WikiViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Grand Design RV (since 2012, 2016 acquired by Winnebago)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Great Lakes Teardrops (Lowell, MI, made by So-Cal Teardrops)
 Teardrops Trailers
Great West Vans
 Class B Vans
 Class B Vans
Gulf Stream Coach
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers

Hallmark Campers
 Pickup Campers
Hammaka Hammocks (2016 acquired by King’s Pond Enterprises)
 Hitch Mount Tent
Haulmark Motorcoach
Haulmark (Elkhart, IN)
Happier Camper
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers ホープス社が輸入
Heartland RV (2010 acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels, BigHorn is a well-known brand, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
HÉLIO (since 2015, Lavaltrie, Canada) facebook
 Teardrop Trailer, Travel Trailer
Hemphill Brothers Coach
 Class A Motorhomes
High Camp Trailers (since 2014, Portland, OR) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
HEO Highland Expedition Outfitters (since 2013, Cosby, TN) facebook
 #Expedition Trailers
Highland Ridge RV (formerly Open Range, 2017 acquired by Thor Industries)
 Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels
Hiker Trailer (since 2018, Denver, CO) facebook
 Small Travel Trailers, #Expedition Small Trailer
Hillcrest Teardrop Campers (since 2012, Canton, GA) tumblr.com facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Hi Lo Trailer Company (1956-2010, 2014 acquired by Kerola Group)
 Travel Trailers
Hitch Hammock (since 2016, Sidney, NE) facebook
 Hitch Mount Hammock
Hitch Hotel (since 2015, Santa Clarita, CA) facebook
 Expandable Hitch Mount Box
Hitch ‘n Pitch (since 2017, Boulder, CO) No facebook
 Hitch Mount Tent
 着脱出来る 既成/自作 キャンピングカー 乗用車編
Hive Campers (since 2015, Salt Lake City, UT) facebook
 #Expedition Travel Trailers
Holiday Rambler (Acquired by Monaco, a subsidiary of REV Group)
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Homegrown Trailers (since 2016, Kirkland, WA)
 Travel Trailers (Wooden exterior)
Homesteader Trailers (since 1986)
 Enclosed Trailers
Honey (1989, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
 5th Wheels
Host Industries (since 2002?, Bend, OR) facebook
 Truck Campers (founders are Beaver Coaches founders)
Hutte Hut (since 2015, Santa Barbara, CA) facebook
 (division of Sprouting Sprocket)
 Teardrop Trailers
 Park Models, Travel Trailer, 5th Wheels

Ice Castle Fish Houses (since 1993, Montevideo, MN) facebook
 Travel Trailers, Fish/Wheel Houses with Drop Down Axles
Impact Trailers (since 2017, Bristol, IN) facebook
 Enclosed Cargo Trailer
Inka Outdoor (since 2014, Gastonia, NC)
 Teardrop Trailers, Expedition Teardrop Trailers
 inkaoutdoor.comの代替サイト web.archive.org (FYI expeditionportal.com)
Innovative Recreation
 Fish Houses and Drop Down Axles
inTech RV (since 2004, Nappanee, IN) facebook
 Travel Trailers, #Expedition Travel Trailers, Mini Toy Haulers,
Into The Wild Overland (since 2015, Arvada, CO) facebook
 #Expedition Camper Trailers
 Class B Vans
Itasca RV (1975 acquired by Winnebago Industries)
IWS Motorcoaches (since 2013?, Mountain Home, ID) facebook
 Toterhomes (IWS Sportsman: OEM by Renegade)

Jackal Teardrops (fairfield, CA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Jayco (2016 acquired by Thor Industries for $576M)
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Folding Trailers ボナンザ社が輸入
Jumping Jack Trailers (since 2002?, Salt Lake City, UT) facebook
 Camper Trailer, Utility Trailers
Juno Custom Teardrops (2013-2017, Lubbock, TX)
 Teardrop Trailers (tnttt.com)

K-Z RV (2014 acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pickup Campers
Kakadu Camping (BC, Canada)
 Small Trailers, Expedition Trailers
KampaRoo Campers (Wetaskiwin, AB, Canada) no-facebook
 (built by Cub Campers in Australia)
 Tent Campers
Kaizen Teardrops (Farmington, NM, made by So-Cal Teardrops)
 Teardrops Trailers
Keystone RV (2001 acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Kimbo Campers (since 2018) facebook
 Truck Camper (fit for Toyota Tacoma)
Kingsley Coach (2012 Exited)
Kibbi (acquired by Renegade RV)
King Kampers
 Off-Road Camper Trailers
Komfort (1995 acquired by Dutchmen)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Kompact Kamp (since 2010?, Myerstown, PA) facebook
 Motorcycle Tent/Cargo Trailer
Kottage RV
 Park Models
Kodiak (acquired by Dutchmen)
 Travel Trailers
 kodiak-rv.comは削除され、Dutchmenの1ブランド Kodiak
Kodiak Adventure Products (since 2010) facebook/span>
 see Extreme Teardrops
K & D Custom Coach
 Builds custom RVs, handicap acc.

Lance Camper Manufacturing (2018 acquired by REV Group)
 Pickup Campers, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers ミスティック社が輸入
Land and Sea RV (since 2017)
 Boat Home
Lazy Daze
Lead Dog Motorsports
 Small Travel Trailers
Lees-ure Lite (since 1972, Osoyoos, BC, Canada) facebook
 Camper Trailers, Motorcycle Tent Trailers
Leisure Travel Vans (formerly Triple E RV)
 Motorhomes, Class B Vans
Let’s Go Aero (since 1998, Colorado Springs, CO) facebook
 Camper Trailers, Hitch Racks/Cargo Boxes
Liberty Coach (since 1972, Chicago, IL) facebook
 Custom Motorhomes based on the Prevost motorcoach
Liberty Outdoors (since 2017, Uniontown, OH) facebook
 (2017, GFM Industries and Little Guy merged to form Liberty Outdoors)
 Little Guy Trailers, Serro Scotty Trailers, ParkLiner
Lil’ Hut (since 2013?, Appleton, WI)
 (Division of Copperwood Ind.)
 Teardrop Trailers
Lil Snoozy
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers
Little Fox (since 2013?, Muskegon,MI) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Little Guy Trailers (since 2002, Uniontown, OH) facebook
 Travel Trailers, Motorcycle Camping Trailers
Livin Lite RV (2013 acquired by Thor Industries)
 Tent Campers, Truck Campers, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
Longhorn Conversions
 Horse and Cargo Trailers
Luxe luxury fifth wheels (Former Augusta RV)
 5th Wheels (2016 acquired by The RV Factory)

Manley ORV or MORV (since 2011)
 #Expedition Small Trailer, Utility Traile
Marathon Coach
McKenzie Towables (2003 acquired by Monaco)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
MeerKat Trailers Northwest
 Teardrop Trailers
Midwest Automotive Designs (a subsidiary of REV Group)
 Class B Vans
Midwest Teardrops (Owatonna, MN, made by So-Cal Teardrops)
 Teardrops Trailers
Millennium Luxury Coaches
 Class A Motorhomes
ML Woodworks (since 2013, Olympia, WA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers (O-rama! Teardrop Trailers)
MOAB Trailers (Bivouac Camping Trailers)
 Expedition Teardrop Trailers
Moby1 (2011-2018, Springville, UT, Exited)
 Expedition Teardrop Trailers
ModVans (since 2017, Ventura, CA) facebook
 Class Bs Vans based on Ford Transit
Monaco Coach (since 1968, Coburg, OR to Decatur, IN) facebook
 (Formerly Caribou Mfgs, a subsidiary of REV Group)
 Motorhome (Travel Trailer: discon, RVランド社がMcKenzie ionを輸入)
Morris Mule Trailer (since 2014)
 Expedition Camper Trailers, Utility Trailers
Motor Coach Industries
MVP RV (-2012, acquired by Winston Chung)
 Class C Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers

National Coach (1988 acquired by Thor Industries)
National RV (1964-2007, Former Dolphin Trailer Company)
 (fundinguniverse.com History)
 Class A Motorhomes
Nest Caravans (2016 acquired by Airstream)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers
NestEgg Trailers (2012-2018, Costa Mesa, CA to Hayden, ID)
 Teardrop Trailers
Newell Coach (former Streamline)
New Horizons (since 1994, Junction City, KS) facebook
 5th wheels, Toy Haulers
Newmar Corporation
 Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
New Wave Teardrop (since 2013, Bainbridge, GA) Facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, Off-road Teardrop Trailer
Nexus RV
 Motorhomes, Class B+
Nick’s Teardrop Trailer
 Teardrop Trailer, not for sale
Northern Lite
 Truck Campers
Northern Teardrop Trailer (since 2015, Salmo, BC, Canada) no-facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
 Pickup Campers
Northwest QuadVan
Northwood Manufacturing
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pickup Campers
NRC Modifications (Middlebury, IN)
nuCamp RV (Formerly Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers)
 T@B Teardrop Trailers, T@G Expedition Teardrop Trailers
 (2010 Pleasant Valley TT acquired T@B from Dutchmen Mfg)
 (distributed products through Little Guy Worldwide until April 2017)
 Barefoot from UK, starts in 2020
 Cirrus Truck Campers
NutHouse Industries (since 2015, Morrow, OH) facebook
 #Expedition Travel Trailers
Nu Wa Industries
 5th Wheels

Oasis Campervans (since 2018, Lafayette, CO) facebook
 (formerly Chameleon Campervans)
 Mini-Campervans based on Toyota Siennas
Off Grid Adventure Vans
 Class Bs
Off Grid Trailers (since 2018, Edmonton, Canada)
 #Expedition Small Trailers
 5th Wheels, Truck Campers, Mobil homes
Oliver Travel Trailers
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers
Oregon Trail’R (since 2012)
 Teardrop Trailers, Expedition small trailers, Parts
Outdoors RV Manufacturing
 Travel Trailers
 Pickup Campers
Outside Van
 Class B Vans
Overkill Campers (since 2017, Bend, OR) facebook
 #Expedition Travel Trailers
Overland Explorer
Overland Trailer (since 2010?, ) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Oxygen Trailers (Canada) (Ceased production around 2003)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers

Pacific Coachworks (since 2006, Perris, CA) facebook
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
Palomino RV (2002 acquired by Forest River)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Folding Trailer, Pickup Campers
 (since 1968, formerly Vanguard Industries)
Paradise Coast RV (since 2010, Benton Harbor, MI) facebook
 Retro Style Travel Trailers, Teardrop Trailers
Parkliner (GFM Industries, since 2011, Liberty, NC) facebook
 (2017 merged to form Liberty Outdoors)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers (FYI smalltrailerenthusiast.com)
 parkliner.comは削除された 代替サイト parkliner.chicagoips.com
Peterson Industries
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers Closed 2015
PeeWee Campers (Nashville, TN) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, Motorcycle Trailer
Phoenix Campers (Former Phoenix Pop Up Truck Campers)
 Pickup Campers
Phoenix USA
 (RV Factory Tour アメリカ キャンピングカー工場見学)
Pleasant Valley (Former nüCamp RV, Sugarcreek, OH) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, Truck Camper
Pleasure Way
 Class B Vans, Class B+ Motorhomes
Polydrops (since 2018)
 Teardrop Trailer
Powerhouse Coach (Idaho Falls, ID)
 Lluxury motor coaches, Toterhomes
Prime Time Mfg (acquired by Forest River)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Prevost Car (since 1924, 1995 acquired by Volvo Bus) facebook
 Motorcoaches, Motorhomes
Purdy Adventure (?)
 Teardrop Trailers

Quite Lite Campers and Shelters (since 2018, Longmont, CO) facebook
 Brand name of “Teal Global Enterprises, LLC”

RB Components
 Class B Vans
Recreation by Design
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Rectrans (1971-1973, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Red River Rigs (since 2018, Amarillo, TX) facebook
 Expedition Jeep Wrangler JL Conversion: “American Safari JXL”
RekVee (1973, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Redwood RV (acquired by Thor Industries)
 5th Wheels
Regency RV
 Class B Vans
Relic Trailers (since 2015, South Prairie, WA) facebook
 Vintage-style Trailer
Renegade RV (a subsidiary of REV Group, Bristol, IN)
 Motorhomes, Trailers
RetroRide Teardrops (since 2013, Plover, WI) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Revcon Motorcoach (2001-2009)
 Six-Wheel Expeditions(Trailblazer, Trailmaster), Wagon Trailer
Revcon (1971-1985, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
REV Group (enWiki)
 (7 Brands + 3)
Fleetwood RV, Monaco, Beaver, Safari, Trek, American Coach, Renegade, Holiday Rambler, R-Vision, Midwest Automotive Designs
s-REV Brands.jpg
Rexhall Industries (acquired by BYD, BYD Motors, No longer an RV Mfg)
 Motorhomes (FYI Search Rexhall RVs)
River Rim Teardrops (2013-2017, Dolores, Colorado) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Riverside RV
 Teardrop/Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels
Roadman Campers
 Motorcycle camping trailers
Road Toad Campers (Necedah, WI)
 Teardrop Trailer
Roadtrek (2016 acquired by Erwin Hymer Group NA, 2019 by Thor)
 (formerly Home & Park Motorhomes 1974-2016)
 Class B Motorhomes
Roulottes Prolite (since 2000, Canada) facebook
 Travel Trailers
 (2014-2017 Class B Motorhome based on a MB Sprinter, discon, YouTube)
Runaway Campers (since 2012, Summerfield, FL) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, #Expedition Teardrop Trailers, Motorcycle Trailer
Rustic Trail (since 201, Mayberry, NC) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
R-Vision (2005 acquired by Monaco
 Class A, C Motorhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
 RVランド社がTrail-Lite Crossover, Trail Sportを輸入
 RVUSA.com R-Vision RV Unit Spec Results
 FYI Search R-Vision RVs

Safari Condo(Canada)
 Class B Vans, Small Travel Trailers
Safari Motor Coaches (2002 acquired by Monaco,
 2013 Allied Recreation Group/REV Group, enWiki)
Sealander Canada (2016-2018, Canada)
 Amphibious Travel Trailers built in Germany
Scamp (since 1972, MN)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels カーショップスリーセブン社が輸入
Schutt Industries (since 1998, WI) facebook
 Expedition Trailers, Utility Trailers
Scotty Trailers (2007-20142016 revival as Serro Scotty Trailers
 Small Travel Trailers
Scott Trailers Mfg (since 1994, Aldergrove, BC, Canada) facebook
 Custom trailers (includes Evolve Trailer)
Shadow Cruiser
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pickup Campers
Shadow Lite
 Truck Camper
 nadaguides.com Prices and Specs (rv.net FYI)
Shasta (since 1941, Goshen, IN) facebook
 (1976 Coachman, 2008 acquired by Forest River TinCan Wiki)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, (Class A 1969, ViewRVs)
Sherpa Trailers (since 2016, Libby, MT) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, #Expedition Teardrop Trailer
Show Hauler Trucks (Middlebury, IN)
Sierra Madre Teardrop Trailers (since 2013?, Sierra Madre, CA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
SignaTour Campers (2012-2014, Tampa, FL)
 Teardrop Trailers
Silver Streak Trailer (1949-1997, TinCan Wiki)
 Aluminum Travel Trailers
Silver Streak Trailer Co. (since 2016, successor to Silver Streak Trailer)
 (silverstreaktrailerco.comは閉鎖された FYI)
 Aluminum Travel Trailers
 (Silver Streak Trailer は復活するか?)
Silver Tears Campers (since 2009, Roanoke, VA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, Retro Travel Trailers
Six-Pac Campers
 Pickup Campers
Skamper (Thor acquired Skamper trade name)
 Folding Trailers (Pop-up Camper History / Skamper)
Skyline Corporation (since 1951, Bristol, IN)
 (2018 acquired by Champion Home Builders Inc.)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Mobile Homes
 (RVUSA.com Skyline RV Unit Spec Results or skyline-travel-trailers.com)
Somerset (2011-2016, Mt Pleasant, PA)
 (Brand of Columbia Northwest Inc. known as Aliner)
 Folding Campers
So-Cal Teardrops (since 2004, Upland, CA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers, Expedition Teardrop Trailers
 Distributor (Dealer):
 Treeline Teardrops, Wanderlust Overland, Canyon Country Teardrops
 Kaizen Teardrops, Midwest Teardrops, Great Lakes Teardrops
Space Craft Manufacturing (since 1962, Concordia, MO) facebook
 Toterhomes, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Bunk Houses
Space Trailers (since 2011, Lester Prairie, MN) facebook
 Tent Trailers
Sportsmobile (since 1961) facebook
 Expedition Class B Vans
Sport Trailer (since 2013?)
 Small Trailers, Utility Trailers
Star City Teardrops (​since 2016, Hardy, VA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Starcraft RV (since 1903, Goshen, IN) facebook
 (2008 acquired by Jayco, 2016 acquired by Thor)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers, Pickup Campers
 Folding Trailers(2016 discon)
Starcraft (1970)
 Class A Motorhomes (Starliner ViewRVs)
Stealth Trailers facebook
 Enclosed Cargo Trailers
Streamline (1964-1967, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Sun-Fun Campers (since 2015?, Warman, Sk, Canada) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Sundowner trailers (since 1999, Coleman, OK) facebook
 Toy Haulers, Utility Trailers, Live-stock Trailers
SunnyBrook RV (2010, acquired by Winnebago)
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Sunset Park RV (since 2007, Shipshewana, IN) facebook
 Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
 Car Hauler Trailers
SVO Group
 Class B Vans
 Lightweight Camping Trailer, Pop-up Tent Trailer, Utility Trailer

TAXA Outdoors
 Travel Trailers (三郷 Trailer Village社が輸入)
Taylor Coach
 Travel Trailers
TC Teardrops (since 2009, Wausau WI) facebook
 Expedition Teardrop Trailers, Teardrop Trailers
Teardrops NW (since 2011, Salem OR) facebook
 #Expedition Teardrop Trailers, Utility Trailers, Teardrop Trailers, Kits
Teal Global Enterprises (since 2018, Longmont CO) facebook
 (formerly Teal International, Loveland CO, since 1990, demise in 2017)
 Lightweight Trailers (Now the Quite Lite Campers & Shelters)
 (Tail Feather Camper Kit キャンピングカー、ドライバー1本で組み立て!)
 Pop-Up Tent Trailers
Terry’s Teardrop Campers (2016-2017, Lancaster, PA)
 Teardrop Trailer (YouTube)
Tetra-POD (Stoney Creek, ON, Canada) facebook
  Multi-functional Trailers flips into Boat
The Original Nomad (since 2014, Portland, OR)
 Hitch Mount Tent
The RV factory
 Toy Haulers, 5th Wheels
The Teardrop Trailer (since 2016, Cedar Valley, ON, Canada) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Tiger Adventure Vehicles
Thompson Coach
 Prevost Conversions
Thor Motorcoach (combined Four Winds Int’l and Damon RV)
Thor Industries
 Veges とCompassはボナンザ社が輸入
 (米RVの巨人ソーア Thorがハイマー Hymerを買収)
(17 Brands + α + Erwin Hymer Group)
Airstream, Bison Coach, Crossroads RV, Cruiser RV, DRV Luxury Suites, Dutchmen, Entegra Coach, Heartland RV, Highland Ridge, Jayco, Keystone RV, K-Z RV, Livin’ Lite RV, Redwood RV, Starcraft RV, THOR Motor Coach, Venture RV and [Four Winds Int’l(Fourwinds), Komfort(-2004), Garage RVs(Outlaw Toy Haulers), Damon RV, Breckenridge, General Coach]
Thor Brands
Three Feathers Manufacturing (since 2012, La Grande, OR) no-facebook
 Travel Trailers, Teardrop Trailers, Tent Trailers
Tiara (1969-1972, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Tiffin Motor Homes (since 1972, Red Bay, AL)
 WOT’S社がAllegro Breeze 31BR (W:2.41m L:9.60m H:3.57m)を輸入
Timberleaf Trailers (since 2015, Grand Junction, CO) facebook
 Teardrop Trailer, #Expedition small trailer (newatlas.com)
Tiny Camper Company (since 2014, Clermont, FL) facebook
 Teardrop Trailer
Tiny Trailer (since 2014?, WA) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Toad Campers (since 2008, Calabash NC)
 Travel Trailers
To Extreme
 Expedition Trailers
Towable Holdings, Inc. (2013 acquired by Thor Industries)
 Travel Trailers (parent company was Heartland RV)
 Fold-up Trailers
Trail Marker (since 2018)
 #Expedition Travel Trailer
TrailNest (since 2017, where?) facebook
 Rooftop Hammock
Trailer Sport (since 2012?, Bowling Green, KY) facebook
 Toy Haulers, Cargo/Utility Trailers
Trans Global Overland (made by WeeRoll) facebook
 Expedition Trailer
Travco (1961-1978, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Travel Lite RV (since 1998, New Paris, IN) facebook
 Travel Trailers, Truck Campers
Travel Units
 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Treeline Teardrops (Petaluma, CA, made by So-Cal Teardrops)
 Teardrops Trailers
Trek RV (since 2011, 2016 a subsidiary of REV Group)
 Motorhomes (FIY snowmads.blog)
Trekker Trailers (since 2010?, Tavares, FL) facebook
 Tiny Houses, Teardrop Trailers
Trillium RV (since
1960s, Florence, AZ)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers
Triple E RV now Leisure Travel Vans
 Motorhomes, Class B vans, 5th Wheels, Travel Trailers
Trophy Trailers (since 1996, Stanley, WI)
 Small Trailers for Motorcycle or Cart
Turtleback Trailers (since 2013, Phoenix, AZ) facebook
 Expedition Trailers
Turtle UP Trailers (since 2018, Buckley, IL) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Tuscany Luxury Motorhomes (acquired by Thor Industries)

Ultra Van (1960-1973, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhome (世界初のクラスAモーターホーム)
United Recreational Vehicles
 Small Travel Trailers (iCamp Elite, Lite)
United Specialties (White Pigeon, MI) on Facebook only
Ursa Minor Vehicles (since 2007, Chula Vista, CA) facebook
 Pop-up Roofs for Honda Element, #Jeep Wrangler
 Camper Conversion based on the Ford Transit Connect

VanLeigh RV (a division of Tiffin) facebook
 5th Wheels
Van Specialties
Venture RV (parent company is K.Z., Inc., a subsidiary of Thor Industries)
 Travel Trailers
Viking RV (2008 acquired by Coachman RV)
 Travel Trailers
Vintage Trailer Works (since 2015, Dothan, AL) facebook
 Teardrop Trailers
Vistabule (since 2012?, St. Paul, MN) facebook
 Travel Trailers
Vixen (1986~1989, ViewRVs)
 Class A Moterhome (BMWのキャンピングカー) 昔、ボナンザ社が輸入
VMI Off Road Trailers
 Expedition Trailers
Vogue (1974-1998, ViewRVs)
 Class A Motorhomes
Vohne Liche Mfg (2018, acquired by Chinook)
 Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers (Former Riverside Travel Trailers)
Voyager Adventure Teardrops (Mfg for So-Cal, 2015-2018, Durango, CO)
 Teardrop Trailers

Wanderlodge (Blue Bird) Exited
 Bus Conversions
Wanderlust Overland (Oregon City, OR, made by So-Cal Teardrops)
 Teardrops Trailers
Wayfarer (since 2015, Colorado Springs, CO ) facebook
 Campervans (newatlas.com)
Weekend Warrior RV (since 1988, Caldwell ID) facebook
 Toy Hauler Fifth Wheels, Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
WeeRoll (since 2016, Ocala, FL) facebook
 Expedition Trailers (include “Trans global Overland”), Utility Trailers
Wells Cargo
 Utility Trailers
WestLand RV
 Truck Campers OEM for B&L Enterprises
Weis Craft Trailers (since 2005?, Henderson, CO)
 Fiberglass Travel Trailers
Wildgoose Exited
 Mini Based
Winnebago Industries
 Motorhomes (FYI RialtaInfo.com)
Woodard and Company (Canada)

Xplor Campers (since 2016, Milford, IN) facebook
 Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers
Xplorer Motor Homes 8since 1950s, Elkhart, IN)
 (formerly Frank Motor Homes)

Yellowstone RV (acquired by Gulf Stream Coach)

ZenVanz (since 2017)
 Builds Custom #Expedition Class B Vans based on MB Sprinter
 DIY Van Kits, constructed of AL exoskeleton and bent bamboo panels
RV Manufacturers other than in North America 北米以外のキャンピングカーメーカー

or ×TinCanTourists → TinCanTourists wiki-backup → TinCan Wiki(old US)
or wheelsage.org (掲載数は少ないが、写真付き)
or RV Manufacturers : Sorted by Brand (US ブランド別)
or motorhomes.com (メジャーなUSメーカーのみ)
or Nadaguides.com : Price&Specs by Year&Model (2,145社 重いサイト)
or viewrvs.com (Photo Gallery)

日本のビルダーやディーラー jrva.com/link

The History of RVs in the US アメリカ キャンピングカーの歴史 2015/2/6
アメリカ キャンピングカー博物館 RV/MH Hall of Fame #1 2015/2/9
#2 #3 #4 #5 #6

The Big Outdoorsy Guide to All RV Manufacturers
List of recreational vehicles
List of recreational vehicle manufacturers
RV Companies Directory
RV Manufactures Address
キャンピングカー オールアルバム 2011-12
nadaguides.com ★
RV Research by RV Type
roamingtimes.com july 12, 2018
Here’s How To Find A Travel Trailer
teardrop-links & Info Websites



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