Expandable RVs #1 拡張するキャンピングカー


RVs with popping flanks for a roomy stay.
More than ordinary space-enhancing Slide-out/Pop-up/Fold-out,
other than Two-Story RVs.
Updated Oct. 20, 2019 (随時更新中)

Detachable 24 m2 Shelter by sandwich panel construction (1700 kg)
image via rollingunit.com

■ 居住空間を劇的に拡大するキャンピングカーを製造販売するメーカーがある。 その中から、一般的なスライドアウトやポップアップ、2階建てを除いたメーカーをリストアップ。

 Manufacturers & Production Vehicles 

MDSC Systems OÜ (since 2015, Tallinn, Estonia) facebook
 a part of Maru Metall AS
 Expandable Trailers/Trucks rollingunit.com facebook FYI ekspress.delfi.ee

image via instagram, facebook

GVWR Approx. 7200 kg

mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-3 mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-0-2
image via instagram
YouTube Special purpose Expandable truck Rolling Unit

Shelter in transport mode: L 5706 x W 2312 mm
Shelter in open mode: W 5852 mm
Height of shelter from ground: Approx. 3000 mm


Special Purpose Expandable Trailer July 8, 2016

Total length of trailer: 6914 mm
image via facebook

mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-5 mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-5-2
Gross trailer weight: up to 3500 kg

mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-6 mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-6-2
FYI Mobile Medical Clinic

mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-4-1 mdsc-systems-rolling-unit-4-2
Trailer weight: Approx. 720 kg

Expandable Container

Expandable truck system Rolling Unit by Maru Apr. 18, 2019◆
Rolling Unit 2-in-1 Truck Mar. 12, 2019◆
┃ The civilian version of the expansible truck or expandovan
Custom built Expandable fold out Van Rolling Unit Aug. 30, 2019◆
Mobile Hospital Trailer that expands into tiny house Sep.19, 2019◆
How long does it take to deploy fold out expansion Sep.18, 2019◆
┃ on Rolling Unit Marketing trailer
Our made expandable timemeasuring van from 9 to 24 m2 Aug. 12, 2019◆
┃ short walkaround
Mobile Medical Clinic, Health on wheels Mar. 21, 2019◆
┃ with Rolling Unit 3-in-1 fold out Trailer
Special purpose Expandable truck Rolling Unit Aug. 30, 2019
Special Purpose 2 in 1 Expandable Truck Nov. 19, 2017
MDSC Systems OÜ 3IN1 on trailer Mar. 19, 2015
Special Purpose Expandable Trailer MDSC Systems July 8, 2016

ioCamper (since 2018, Békéscsaba, Hungary) facebook
 Folding Transportable/Expandable Camper/House


iocamper-4-1 iocamper-4-2

iocamper-4-3 iocamper-4-4

newatlas.com Sep. 19, 2018
Expanding ioCamper is the camper van that sleeps outside the van
designboom.com Oct. 8, 2018
ioCamper is a transportable apartment
  that can be folded and packed into any van
ioCamper – The Transportable Folding Apartment
┣ ioCamper – every van could be a motorhome Sep. 4, 2018
ioCamper introduction animation Mar. 5, 2018
┗ Fit This Entire Camper In The Back Of A Van Sep. 18, 2018

ProtecMobil (since 2016, Weßling, de) no-facebook

Class B+ Motorhomes, image via de.camperstyle.net
with both side’s whole body slide-outs
FYI newatlas.com, YouTube

Awesome Caravans & Innovative Campers June 9, 2018
Tipoon (fr)
DoubleBack (since 2009, Glasgow, uk)
 facebook instagram
┃ Brand of Outlander Motorhomes (Parts)
Romotow (New Zealand)
Böhtlingk:Markies (Netherlands)
BeauEr (fr)


tipoon beauer-telescope-camper
tipoon and BeauEr

Handmade Campers #3 自作キャンパー資料 Jan. 31, 2017
┣ House Truck Transformers Concept YouTube
┃ By a Russian construction company (dailymail.co.uk)
┣ Shipping Container Conversion YouTube
┗ Dutch designer Eduard Bohtlingk in 1985 bohtlingk.nl

?w=300 bohtlingk
Russian construction company and Bohtlingk
FYI YouTube, bohtlingk.nl

Surf Hotel based on a MB Toterhome トーターホームのホテル July 14, 2019
Toterhome 大型トラックベースのキャンピングカー Jan 17. 2017

VDUBLER Convert to a camper in 1Minute Mar. 8, 2013
Accesorio extensible furgonetas May 12, 2016
Zelfrijdende marktwagen op maat door LMJ Geconstrueerd Mar. 6, 2015
Afzetbare verkoopsruimte – JAN NOYENS NV Aug. 22, 2012
Morehouse Comm7 – Expandable Shelter July 1, 2016
Ten Fold Engineering’s Unfolding Building Prototype July 14, 2017
TEN FOLD Adaptable Structures Aug. 1, 2017
Container Home Can Be Moved And Setup In Hours June 8, 2018
Revolutionary Mobile Shelter Sep. 18, 2018
┃  : Tri-Tainer from Excalibur Shelters Ltd
Habitaflex folding house (2018) Mar. 23, 2018
20ft Folding Expandable Container House Jan. 11, 2017
China Expandable container house, 10 minutes one house! Nov. 29, 2017
Expandable container TRIVOL Apr. 10, 2013


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