Progress Report of Drafts 記事の進捗整理

Bubble Dome, Geodesic Dome House, Sphere 2017/10/25
Monolithic Dome House 2017/10/25
Geodesic Dome ジオデシックドーム 2017/10/25
ドーム型のシェルター2 2017/10/24
ドーム型のシェルター 2017/10/22

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Overnight Parking at Rest Areas アメリカのレストエリアで車中泊は可能か?

Is it safe / legal to sleep in your car in a rest area?
There is No Loss in you knowing that.


Six States that Allow Overnight Parking at Rest Areas (April 2016)
Where to Sleep in a Car (April 22, 2009)
Overnight Parking at Rest Stops (古い情報で、リンク切れも多い)
Overnight parking in rest areas (2009)
rest areas and no overnight stay laws (2007)
A Safe Place to Rest

Many states allow truckers to sleep undisturbed at public rest areas; they either do not have or do not strictly enforce time limits at the rest areas. But a few states mandate that police officers rouse truckers and make them move along if they have been at a public rest area more than a few hours.